What your Favorite Cambridge Vintage Shop Says About You

garment districtInside the massive Garment District warehouse

For the cool kids who know just where to get the most off-the-wall, unique clothes, nothing impresses more than a great find from a different decade—and Cambridge has more than a few places to choose from if you want to hunt down pieces that will make your wardrobe pop.

Whether you’re punk or polished, kicking it near Kendall or hanging out in Harvard, this city has a secondhand shop to compliment your look. We rounded up four of our aesthetic-spanning favorites below.

The Raspberry Beret
Location: Porter Square (1704 Mass. Ave.)
You Are: A Vintage-Obsessed Queen of the Past

This adorably-named shop takes its title from a Prince song (She wore a raspberry beret/The kind you find in a secondhand store), so you know it’s a spot meant for style icons. The clothes are organized by decade—’80s jackets, skirts from the ’70s—which lets shoppers know exactly what they’re getting and where it’s coming from. At The Raspberry Beret, where designer goodies and high-end faves from recent years pair with treasures from the past, you can snag a staple that will live on for decades in your closet. Much like the musical genius from which it gets its name, Raspberry Beret is a perfect combination of the strange and the chic, and it’s a go-to for fashionistas of all ages and styles.

Oona’s Experienced Clothing
Location: Harvard Square (1210 Mass. Ave.)
You Are: Effortlessly Chic—With Money to Spend

At Oona’s, you’ll enter an oasis of expertly curated pieces. Oona’s is host to nothing but the finest quality clothing, so if you’re looking for a unique, timeless piece, this is the place. Fans of the motto “you get what you pay for” are constant shoppers. While slightly more expensive, Oona’s houses the perfect blend of creative and classic clothes. For the shopper looking to dress to impress and find pieces to build a wardrobe that will last a lifetime, Oona’s is your sanctuary.

The Garment District
Location: Kendall Square (200 Broadway)
You Are: An Eclectic Muse with Time on Your Hands

Looking for the Garment District? Just follow the trail of pink bags. Shoppers with creative tastes will find themselves at home in this department store of decades past. With everything from ugly sweaters to current consignment to well-kept finds from almost every era, the Garment District is the place for you.

If you’re looking to find a bomber jacket from the ’80s, a comfy winter flannel—or both—save yourself a tip and head to Kendall Square. For finding that perfect costume party outfit, or just adding some sparkle to your everyday wardrobe, the Garment District is a place for both the fun and the fabulous. Don’t expect to simply pop in and out, the GD is a treasure trove worth hours of your time.

Great Eastern Trading Company
Location: Central Square (49 River St.)
You Are: A Jazzy Socialite Who Loves a Night on the Town

Have a Gatsby party to attend? Looking for a dress that will be unlike anyone else’s? Find the self you didn’t know in this tucked-away cottage filled with goodies. At Great Eastern Trading Company, lavish gowns, cowboy boots and Hawaiian shirts don’t seem strange paired next to one another. A friend of glitter and sparkle is a friend of this secondhand shop. A belly dancing top? They’ve got it. A dress from the ’50s? No problem. This small boutique is home to all of the above and more—like the perfect mask for your masquerade ball. For the extraordinary guest looking to add some flare into their every day life or wow at an event, GETC is a must-stop shop. Get ready to show the world how whimsical you really are.