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24-Hour Clover Coming Soon to Central Square (Video)

I’ll be honest: When Hi-Fi Pizza and Subs shut its doors earlier this year, I didn’t think anything could ever fill the void inside that was once satisfied with their wonderful, greasy pizza. Seriously, what was I supposed to do after shows at the Middle East or TT’s? Go home and eat a salad? Not […]

Dining Out in Cambridge This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to catch up with loved ones while scarfing down all the hearty, savory foods you can stomach. It also requires hours (if not days) of prep time, can occasionally reignite years-old family feuds and generally leads to a mountain of dirty dishes that you, as the cook, will somehow be […]

SCOUT OUT: Lone Star Comes to Cambridge

Give me your tired, your poor, your tacos. With much anticipation, Cambridge will open its golden doors to Lone Star Taco Bar. The restaurant will establish a second location in East Cambridge and anticipates serving their first taco in the new space by December 2014 or January 2015. Lone Star Taco Bar (479 Cambridge St., […]

SCOUT OUT: Tropical Paradise in a Glass

Beat Hotel has only been open for a short time in Harvard Square, but it has already become a destination for delectable grub and fancypants libations for any occasion. If wanting a drink on a sweltering summer’s day isn’t an occasion then I don’t know what is. The bar staff are as knowledgeable about their […]

Tasty Burger’s New “Parklet”

In a move that will hopefully bring with it some lovely Summer weather, Harvard’s Tasty Burger will be opening a brand new patio/parklet later this week. Roughly the size of two parking spaces, it’s expected to sit around 15. Finally, all the fun of picnic-table-eating without the picnic-table-food. Or the picnic-table-bugs. Or the picnic-table, really.

Our Burgers, Ourselves

Hamburgers remain an essential unit of culture of the United States. Ask a fellow citizen where their favorite place is to get a burger and you will start a conversation which will be enthusiastic, passionate, and ripe with anecdotes (“I’ve always wanted to hit a hamburger with a golf club. You gonna be free this […]

WHAT’S NEW: Felipe’s Taqueria

Mt. Auburn Street’s Felipe’s Taqueria closed at the end of March to prepare for a move across Harvard Square. The restaurant is relocating to an expanded location at the former site of Bertucci’s. Also expanding: the menu. The new Felipe’s will include seafood and alcohol options, as well as plenty of additional seating (at least […]

Clover to Replace HiFi

It’s official—Clover announced today that they would be expanding into the old HiFi Pizza and Subs space, possibly opening as soon as the end of the month. Owner Ayr Muir mentioned the possibility of pursuing a 24-hour license, but like most things involving licenses, much remains uncertain. One thing is clear, however—Central Square’s in for […]

Flat Patties Temporarily Serving up Felipe’s Fare

Out with the old and in with the new! The Mt. Auburn Street Felipe’s Taqueria closed its doors yesterday as it prepares for a move across Harvard Square. The restaurant is relocating to an expanded location at the former site of Bertucci’s (21 Brattle St.). Also expanding: the menu. The new Felipe’s will include seafood […]

SCOUT OUT: A Perfect Day of Vegetarian Eats

By Michelle Lahey On the healthy-living, eco-conscious front, today’s factory-farmed beef and poultry leave much to be desired. And thanks to animal agriculture being one of the leading causes of global warming, it’s not surprising that Cambridge is brimming with hungry vegetarians (and vegans). Many local restaurants offer up tasty alternatives to meat and potatoes. […]

CONTEST: Engineer BBC’s New Techie Burger

Boston Burger Company has a fantastic idea for a new science and technology-inspired offering … and you just heard it. Beyond the theme, everything else about these “cyburgers” are being open-sourced – which is where you come in. Either come up with a recipe for one of their suggestions listed here on the left, or […]