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SCOUT OUT: A Perfect Day of Vegetarian Eats

By Michelle Lahey On the healthy-living, eco-conscious front, today’s factory-farmed beef and poultry leave much to be desired. And thanks to animal agriculture being one of the leading causes of global warming, it’s not surprising that Cambridge is brimming with hungry vegetarians (and vegans). Many local restaurants offer up tasty alternatives to meat and potatoes. […]

CONTEST: Engineer BBC’s New Techie Burger

Boston Burger Company has a fantastic idea for a new science and technology-inspired offering … and you just heard it. Beyond the theme, everything else about these “cyburgers” are being open-sourced – which is where you come in. Either come up with a recipe for one of their suggestions listed here on the left, or […]

Goodbye, Hi-Fi

While the fate of the Middle East still remains uncertain, news came today that after four decades, its partner in Central Square nightlife, Hi-Fi Pizza and Subs, has served its final slice. The reasons for the closing remain unclear. According to an article in Wicked Local published today, the infamous late night eatery, which more […]

Seasonal Café Guide

Baby, it’s cold outside—not to mention slippery, treacherous and just plain gross. In the spirit of keeping toasty, we’re taking a look back at Micaela’s guide to winter warmers. It’s difficult to walk down any main thoroughfare in Cambridge without passing by at least one local coffee shop. From engineers to academics, caffeine is in […]

‘Bridge Bio: Jamal Abu-Rubieh, owner of Brookline Lunch

Jamal Abu-Rubieh is the proud and joyful owner of Brookline Lunch in Central Square. He runs a smooth operation alongside his wife and kids. Back in 1976 however, he would have never imagined being at the helm of his own food establishment. He was just a student at Wentworth with dreams of one day becoming […]

Put an Egg on It

Boiled, scrambled, fried, poached – there are a slew of ways to enjoy the incredible, edible egg. Cambridge chefs are taking their love for the egg’s silky, runny yolk to an even more delicious and inventive level. “The actual act of cutting into a runny egg adds an action to the dish as the runny […]

SCOUT OUT: Toscano’s Fichi Cocktail

TOSCANO, 52 Brattle St. Fig-tastic:  Dirty martinis not your thing? Then you’ll love this sweeter, just-as-strong twist on the classic cocktail. Herbal- and fruit-infused Luxardo bitters gives this libation a naturally sweet taste, while the black fig and Van Gogh Blue Triple Wheat vodkas pack a strong, alcohol-laden punch. Olives are also replaced with skewered […]

(Re)Scouted: Kirkland Tap & Trotter

This story originally appeared in the Nov/Dec 2013 Issue of Scout Cambridge The corner of Washington and Beacons Streets, on the border between Cambridge and Somerville, has been gradually accumulating a collection of restaurants and markets, making it something of a culinary destination. Bergamont, the Wine & Cheese Cask, Dali, the Biscuit, the Kebab Factory […]

WHAT’S NEW: Violette Bakers

“A labor of love” – this is what Violette Bakers calls its approach to baking. On August 1, Violette opened its first storefront shop at 1001 Mass Ave below O2 Yoga. The store will be open Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday from […]

Scout Out: C2W Market

Cambridge has eight farmers markets: seven for the days of the week, all neatly arranged and color-coded on a pretty flier; and one more that just won’t play by the rules. The Central Square Wednesday (or “C2W”) Market, Cambridge’s upstart farmers market, was founded by JJ Gonson (best known as the head of the Somerville-based […]

Scout Picks: Scoop on ice cream flavors

Whether you’re braving the heat on a sweaty stroll or sitting stagnant in front of your industrial sized fan, you deserve a break. An ice cream break, that is. There’s nothing more comforting than cooling down with a cone from your favorite neighborhood spot, and in the city of Cambridge, there’s certainly a lot to […]

What’s New? Pu Pu Hot Pot closes

Pu Pu Hot Pot, a Chinese restaurant located on Main Street, has officially closed its doors. The restaurant space will soon re-open as The Dumpling Room, which will feature dumplings as well as classic Taiwanese dishes. The eccentric name and respectful service of Pu Pu Hot Pot makes the restaurant one that is sure to […]