The SheBoom Sisterhood

They have many names for themselves. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Drums.” “The Rolling Crones.” A “post-menopausal percussion and vocal ensemble.” They are many things—women, activists, mothers. One was a realtor, another’s a former professor, and a third has written five books about Halloween. They came together haphazardly. “It’s a small world in Somerville and […]

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A-Listers: Bill Manley and Nephtaliem McCrary

If someone bequeathed to him a commercial space in Cambridge, he’d… It would be called Cassette Tapes and Milkshakes, and we would sell exactly that. And Walkmans, since no one has equipment to play cassette tapes anymore. And if you made a really good mix tape, you could sell it on consignment.