CloverHFI Will Open This Month

CloverHFIPhoto by Jess Benjamin.

When CloverHFI (496 Mass. Ave.) opens its doors on April 22, it will have been nearly a year to the day since they announced that they would be opening up their next location in the space formerly occupied by Hi-Fi Pizza. CloverHFI will be outfitted with a pinball machine, common table, CSA pickup and grab-and-go food. It will also be open around the clock.

“I’ve always loved 24-hour restaurants,” Ayr Muir, co-founder of the Clover restaurant empire, said in a statement. “Central Square is my favorite neighborhood in Cambridge. Customers have been begging us for years to open in Central and we’re thrilled to be bringing our food here.” As an MIT student, Muir noticed the lack of late night options for students in the area. This only worsened with the shuttering of the beloved Hi-Fi, whose name will be immortalized in the new restaruant that’s taken its spot. CloverHFI will also offer a late-night menu starting at midnight, providing a much needed service for night-owl studiers or concertgoers leaving the Middle East.

To celebrate their opening, April 22 will be Free Sandwich Day. Customers can pay what they want for a sandwich, and the proceeds will be given to “a food-focused cause.”

Clover was founded in 2008 with the initiative of providing fresh, fast food in the tastiest way. What started as an temporary experiment with a single food truck experiment blossomed into a fleet of seven trucks and six brick-and-mortar locations.