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Meet Your 2017 Scout’s Honored Winners: Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Lamplighter Brewing Company added a touch of funk to the city’s beer scene last year. In their taproom at 284 Broadway, guests are invited to grab a pint and enjoy a peek at the brewing process or sit down to board games while sampling brews that are fresh, flavorful—and often just a little off the […]

Beer is a Light that Never Goes Out: Lamplighter Brewing Prepares to Launch

“We have a little bit of a fire under our butts, now that we’re paying rent,” laughs Lamplighter Brewing co-founder Cayla Marvil. Marvil and partner AC Jones have been working to bring Lamplighter to Cambridge for the better part of three years, but the pair have been home brewing for more than a decade—since before the practice was technically […]