Write For Scout

Scout Cambridge is currently accepting pitches and submissions for its July/August 2016 edition! This will be our 21st issue—that’s right, the mag is officially old enough to drink.

To celebrate, we’re looking for stories about booze: profiles of the people and places that are establishing the area’s cocktail culture, guides for both residents and visitors about where to go and what to order, the best bets for vegans and vegetarians or those who eschew gluten, etc. There are a lot of ways you could take this; we’re looking for unexpected angles that go beyond “best bars in the city.” And of course, we’re constantly on the lookout for non-alcoholic news items and stories of note. If there’s just about anything in Cambridge you’d like to cover, feel free to pitch it.

Please send your pitches to scout@scoutmagazines.com or submit them through our online contact form by Sunday, May 8.

Scout is always accepting pitches and submissions from talented writers, journalists and photographers looking to contribute to the magazine. Whether you’ve taken some photos you’d like us to consider publishing, have a story idea you want to see in the print magazine or just want to be added to our ever-growing roster of freelance contributors, you can send your ideas (along with relevant writing samples) to scout@scoutmagazines.com.