2017 Election Voter Guide

Photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Election Day is here. We’ve been publishing profiles on all the candidates running for office in the Nov. 7 elections, and are putting those profiles in one place so you can do your last-minute research before hitting the polls.

Cantabrigians have a wide array of choices for City Council seats this November, with 26 candidates running for nine spots.

For those who are new to Cambridge’s municipal elections, the voting format is likely unfamiliar. The city runs a proportional representation election where all candidates run at large and are not connected to specific districts of the city. Voters rank as many candidates as they’d like on their ballots, which are tallied in a way that ensures minority groups of voters are duly represented but that a majority group of voters will elect the majority of the Council.

There is no mayoral race in Cambridge—once the nine city councilors take office in January, they choose which of them will become mayor. The City Council also appoints the city manager, city clerk, and city auditor.

In the School Committee race, 12 candidates will go head-to-head for six seats. The mayor joins the School Committee to make a seven-member board that serves two-year terms.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Find your voting location here.

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