50 Shades of Grey

editor's note

I was on the way from Scout HQ in Somerville to East Cambridge one day in December during that week of considerable rainfall. What should have been a few feet of lovely snow turned out to be a torrential downpour due presumably to climate change’s grasp on our souls. Normally I’m pretty immune to inclement weather. I’ll spare you the, “When I was a kid, I walked uphill to school barefoot in the snow,” story, but slap a pair of waterproof boots on me and I am good to go.

But this time, I broke. From the time I left my house to the time I got home, the clouds kept weeping. And at the peak of my misery, an MBTA bus so graciously hit me with a six-foot-high wall of water. Thanks, MBTA.

This got me thinking: It was raining during just about every interview I did for this issue. When I visited Ryan Kelly to talk about Bridj, I looked from their offices onto a slate grey Charles River. When I interviewed Ayr Muir, CEO of Clover, about how owning a food truck helped him build a vegetable empire, I waded through the waters. I mean, most of the days that I came into the office were marked with considerably ashy hues.

Which is kind of amazing, isn’t it? Because what you’re looking at is full of color. Our photographers and designer chipped away at the grey until all that was left was gloss. And now the days are getting longer and the sun is getting closer and shining through the glass of the newly renovated Harvard Art Museums ever so beautifully.

Of course it’s not all gloss. Cambridge, like the nation, has seen protests and unrest. But even there, in the streets, is someone chipping away at the grey, looking for a brighter future. We all know it can’t be grey forever. We all know the light has to peek through.

So cheers. Here’s to chipping the grey away.