A Better Cambridge Asks City to Act on Housing

Photo by Flickr user Nietnagel.

Cambridge, like the rest of the Boston area, is feeling the stresses of intensified urbanization, especially increases in housing costs. That’s why A Better Cambridge, an organization that is committed to promoting diversity and and sustainable growth in the city, is calling for City Council to do something about it–and fast. In a letter published last week, the group asked that City Council take concrete action on the issue before the November elections. The demands ask that the council make moves to increase housing density in order to make living in Cambridge more affordable to more people.

“Parts of Cambridge are generating astounding new wealth,” says the letter. “It’s simply not acceptable, in a community of such resources, to have to fight to maintain its existing stock of low income and affordable housing.”

Increasing the housing density by building taller building with wider floor plans, the group argues, will allow more income diversity in the community and will keep folks with middle to low income in the city instead of slowly forcing them to the edges and, eventually out.

To fulfill these demands, City Council would have to follow up on or change a number of zoning policies. You can read the full letter here.

 UPDATE 3/5/15: A Better Cambridge has released a follow up letter to explain how they determined just how much housing Cambridge needs. You can read that clarification here.