A Gallery of One’s Own: Women of Vision

women of vision

Get a glimpse into the minds of local female artists at Women of Vision at the Multicultural Arts Center this summer. The exhibit, which runs June 5 through August 28, showcases a variety of works across multiple mediums from the Massachusetts chapter of the National Association of Women Artists.

When N.A.W.A. was founded in 1889, it was one of the first fine arts organizations dedicated solely to women. In 2013, the Bay State gained its own chapter committed to upholding the N.A.W.A. mission: to foster public awareness of, and interest in, visual art created by women in the United States. The Multicultural Arts Center (New England’s only one) is a Cambridge institution that has aimed to celebrate diversity through visual and performing arts since its first days in 1978. The creative minds of N.A.W.A. MA come to the galleries of the Arts Center from various backgrounds, cultures, and careers to share their unique viewpoints, united as female artists.

The pieces of Women of Vision embody a range of artistic expression, from mixed media to monotype, abstract to concrete. Even within the same medium, the artists display a spectrum of personal techniques. There are watercolors that seem to hide their brush strokes (they can fool a visitor into thinking they’re photographs) and those that exalt in showing the process. The color palates vary wildly from vibrant neons to cooling pastels. The subjects of the collected works include cocktail umbrellas, chandeliers, birds, bees, polar landscapes, and portraits of women like both Madonna, the singer, and Madonna, the religious figure. The uniting theme throughout is the female vision. Exhibition co-chair Jennifer Jean Costello and N.A.W.A. MA treasurer Lisa Goren agree, “We love how the exhibition focuses on ‘a female’s mind,’ showcasing the artists’ interests and what impacts them in today’s ever-changing Art Scene. Such a strong group of (very different and exciting) artists when placed in a room together has a larger voice then if shown individually.”

The collection of N.A.W.A. MA artists, including Costello and Goren, have presented dynamic and diverse pieces that let the viewer see into the world of the female creator. Women of Vision is on view in both the upper and lower galleries at the Multicultural Arts Center through the end of August. Downstairs provides an intimate space for the works to play off of each other whereas the airy upstairs allows them to expand. The exhibit is free to the public during the center’s business hours, Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.