A Letter from the Editor

Interim Editor Sean L. MaloneyScout's tiniest editor points out all his dad's typos.

Hello Scouts,

Nice to meet you, I’m Sean L. Maloney. I am the new interim editor for Scout Cambridge and Scout Somerville. I am excited to be here, excited about the future of this publication and the great community it serves.  

You may know me as a contributing writer for Scout, DigBoston and Boston Globe. Or you may know me from my book about Cambridge-forged punk rock pioneers The Modern Lovers. Or you may know me from when I worked at the Brattle Theatre or Ball Square Fine Wines. Or you’ve met my son, the most gregarious two year old on this side of the Charles. 

Maybe you don’t know me — we can fix that. I’m here for the long haul.

A Changing World

As it stands now, everything is in flux. As a publication built on people getting out into their neighborhoods, these have been difficult times. Our hyperlocal advertising model has sustained us through more than a decade of print issues, but this shutdown is unprecedented and requires us to rethink everything we do.

Which is not as much a problem as it is an opportunity. With your support we will be able to create a new model that serves the needs of the community as we define our new normal. We are reworking our membership opportunities, advertising models and coverage strategy. We are asking for your help as we negotiate the ethics and feasibility creating community media in the COVID-19 era.

We are bringing on new writers, new ideas and new excitement. We’re bringing back old friends and returning to our roots. We are maintaining our focus on print while developing a more robust online presence. We are brainstorming a new world in which events, such a huge part of our community outreach efforts, are unlike the gatherings we’ve grown to love. We are racking our brains to find new ways to support the art and culture that makes our neighborhoods so vital.

Going Forward

We are anxiously anticipating the day we can see all of your lovely faces again. In the meantime, we are asking for your support (monetary or moral) and patience as we moved towards a new model. And don’t worry, I’m not leaving once the boat has been righted. The plan now is to assemble a new team of editorial superheroes, move up to Content Director and become their hyperlocal Professor X while finding new ways to connect our community in a post-COVID world.

Until then, stay home and stay safe.


Sean L. Maloney

Interim Editor