Articles by Emily Cassel

Cambridge’s Marathoners Tell Us Why They’re Running

Many Boston Marathon runners tackle an entirely different kind of endurance challenge as they train for the annual race: raising money—often to the tune of $10,000 or more—for charity. The Boston Marathon Official Charity Program debuted in 1989 and has grown ever since; last year, nonprofit runners raised more than $30 million. We caught up with some of […]

Here’s What to Watch at This Year’s Boston Underground Film Festival

If you weren’t at the Brattle Theatre last night to kick off this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival, then we’re sorry to say you missed Prevenge, a horror flick about a pregnant woman on a killing spree spurred on by her unborn baby. From writer, director and star Alice Lowe, the film is in turns horrifying […]

From Rent Control to Riot Squads: The Photographs of Olive Pierce

Cambridge Public Library archivist Alyssa Pacy knows that 1970s City Council meetings might not be particularly interesting to the average person. And they certainly don’t sound like the most engaging subject for a series of photographs, right? “But they were,” Pacy insists. “It was such an explosive time. There were hearings on rent control, on police brutality. […]

Empower Lifting

At their respective Cambridge fitness centers, a pair of standout trainers help women hone their physical and emotional strength.

WORKOUT-SIDE THE BOX: Épée the Day Away at Olympia Fencing Center

This winter, the perfect antidote to cabin fever could just be mixing up your workout—whether that means putting on your dancing shoes, practicing your swordsmanship or braving frigid temps on your bike. *** “When I mention to most of my friends that I do fencing, they’re like, ‘Oh, cool! How does it feel to stab someone?” […]

Volunteers and Visitors Commemorate 40 Years at Transition House

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Transition House—the first domestic violence shelter in New England and the only one in Cambridge—recently debuted “40 Stories,” a multimedia project that shares the experiences of staffers and survivors who have been impacted by the shelter over the years. Sandy Goldberg conceptualized this series of “audio slideshows.” The writer, producer […]

Local Students Are Building A Full-Scale Trojan Horse

 When the International Spy Museum reopens in a brand new building near the D.C. waterfront next year, it will greet guests with one very visible new addition: a full-scale, period-accurate Trojan Horse that will guard the museum’s entryway. The Trojan Horse is a collaboration between the Spy Museum and Handshouse Studio, an artist space in the Norwell […]

2017 is Already Big for Cambridge’s Culinary Scene

Hungry for something new? You’re in luck. We’re less than a week into the new year, but already several highly anticipated eateries have opened their doors here in Cambridge—and a certain long-awaited cheesy collaboration will make its debut by the end of the month. PAGU 310 Mass. Ave. Opened: January 3 Hours: 5 – 11 p.m. Tuesday through […]

Greater Boston’s Cycling Advocates Launch Joe Lavins Fund for Bicycle Safety

In response to the tragic October death of cyclist Joe Lavins, who was killed after being struck by a tractor trailer as he biked through Porter Square, bike safety advocates have launched the Joe Lavins Fund for Bicycle Safety. Ken Carlson of the Somerville Bicycle Committee says that advocates have been working to create the fund since they heard about the […]