Articles by Kristofer Jenson

CAN’T-MISS CAMBRIDGE: The Boston Underground Film Festival 2016

Every year, the nation’s top festivals and award ceremonies devolve more and more into glorified showcases for their respective brands. Sundance has the market cornered on self-indulgent middle-achievers who impress people at parties with facts from only the most obscure Wikipedia articles while showing films about how they learned to love themselves in the face of no opposition whatsoever. […]

MAGIC MIKE: The One-Two Punch Takedown of Toxic Masculinity

Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL will be playing as a double feature at Cambridge’s Brattle Theater on Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27. Check here for ticket availability and showtimes. A funny thing happened when the endearing yet chronically miscast Channing Tatum led a greased-up, gregarious cast of studs for the breezy 2012 hit […]

Spring Screening: Keep Your Eyes on These IFFBoston Films

Every year, there are over 100 films of all varieties to check out at IFFBoston. With so many comedies, dramas, documentaries, shorts, satires and satisfyingly schlocky genre flicks to choose from, the only way to do Boston’s most unifying film event wrong is to not share your experience with those who didn’t attend or opted […]


What should you see at this year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston? The answer is everything, but with venues all over town each showing such equally deserving films at once, that is the least helpful way to look at things. The two questions you should be asking instead are: What do I have to see, and […]


As recognition for same-sex partnerships spreads across the US and parts of the world, so too do “religious freedom” laws that are simply discrimination by another name. While trans voices and figures gain unprecedented visibility in a variety of mediums, the insultingly ignorant barrage of invasive questions are never far away. And with so many nations passing draconian […]

SPRING SCREENING: Boston Underground Film Festival

For 17 years, the Boston Underground Film Festival has been leveling the cinematic playing field for filmmakers of all echelons. Crowdfunded DIY passion projects appear alongside films featuring Hollywood stars, music videos are showcased as artistic statements instead of promotional tools, and content of wildly different maturity levels—from sex and violence to family-friendly Saturday morning […]

SPRING SCREENING: Godard’s Goodbye to Language at Kendall Square Cinema

This Friday, Jean-Luc Godard’s 3D film essay Goodbye to Language comes to Cambridge’s own Kendall Square Cinema, the culmination of one of the most confusing and frustrating release strategies in recent memory. Despite winning several prestigious critical awards and playing to sold-out crowds in New York (and New York alone), moviegoers in markets across the […]