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Scout Archives: A decade’s worth of history returns home

For the last days of June we’re going to share our favorite stories and pictures from Scout’s decade of local reporting. We need you to share those stories alongside your favorites. And then we need you to stand for Scout by becoming a member. Here’s one from May 2nd, 2013! — A 133-year-old inscription on a 144-year-old […]

SCOUT OUT: Memory Lane

If you are near a radio right now, turn it on. Switch it over to AM, and set the dial to 740. Now close your eyes and try to tell me what year it is. Answer: Hard to say, but definitely not 2014. The station’s eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental easy-listening classics, played in […]

SPOTLIGHT: Crossfit Medusa

Ever heard of a little thing called “girl power”? Liz Mellen, owner of Crossfit Medusa (1957 Mass Ave.), has been serving it up since she opened the gym, or “box”, earlier this summer. and the fitness-savvy ladies of Cambridge just can’t seem to get enough. Despite mornings full of practically back to back, fully booked […]

SCOUT PICKS: August 16 – 18

As we enter the last stretch of summer, the nights are getting cooler – but this weekend, the days will still peak around a comfortable 80 degrees. You have all fall and winter to cozy up on your couch with a book (or maybe a marathon of Orange is the New Black) so kick off […]

SCOUT PICKS: August 9 – 11

With those humid, don’t-want-to-leave-the-apartment days of July behind us, Cambridge has just a few weeks to relax before Harvard students return for the hustle and bustle of the fall semester. Here are the best events for a night out on the town – just be sure to bring a sweater since the nights are getting […]

SCOUT PICKS: August 2 – 4

August is upon us, and so the dog days of summer come rolling in, with enough weird weather to last well through the fall. But never fear, Scout has found a list of the ultimate Cambridge activities to keep you enjoying the season rain or shine!

Scout Out: C2W Market

Cambridge has eight farmers markets: seven for the days of the week, all neatly arranged and color-coded on a pretty flier; and one more that just won’t play by the rules. The Central Square Wednesday (or “C2W”) Market, Cambridge’s upstart farmers market, was founded by JJ Gonson (best known as the head of the Somerville-based […]

Hanging with Solstice Circus

By George LeVines Circus: technicolor tents with cotton candy abound. Impatiently pacing big cats and the high flying trapeze. Injury prone clowns running circles to a blaring recording of Entry of the Gladiators. And that sweet waft of dung-soaked hay cooking in the summer heat. Right? For the local Solstice Circus, not exactly. Big things, […]

Scout Weekend July 26-28

It may be the dog days of summer, but things are definitely still kicking around town. From the old (horror parody cult classics, anyone?) to the new (the more froyo the merrier!), there is plenty to do this weekend, and Scout is here to show you the way.

Man on a Mission

By Nick Cox When Roger C. Miller first moved to Boston in the late 1970s, it was to pursue a career in piano tuning. Miller, now best known as the lead singer of the seminal Boston post-punk band Mission of Burma, was already a lifelong musician, most notably as the bassist of Sproton Layer, a […]

Scout Pick: Krill Forever!

If you’ve ever been through, as they say, “a rough patch,” then you’ll probably appreciate Krill. A fixture of Boston’s underground music scene since 2010, the JP-based trio began to garner national attention this summer thanks to their beautiful and heartfelt sophomore album Lucky Leaves, which came out in June. Lucky Leaves was initially available […]

What’s New?: Paint is on its way

If you thought that the only place eating and painting mix well is at the kid’s table, then think again. After a successful petition for a beer and wine license on May 14, owner and manager Leslie Belkner is getting ready to open Paint, a whole new kind of art bar, with a target opening […]