Bridj on Your Phone: Startup Introduces New App


Bridj, the Kendall Square startup aimed at providing transportation solutions for the Greater Boston Area, announced today their new app that will bring the booking process from the web to your smartphone.

The business is still in its beta phase, but since launching in June, Bridj has expanded its coverage to locales in Boston, Cambridge and Brookline. The startupĀ uses 19 different data streams, including user generated location data, to determine its routes and make them the most effective for the most people. Before the app, users booked a trip on Bridj’s website. The routes were tailored to the data they collected, but the stops were still somewhat stationary.

With the app, users will be provided with a route that best suites their needs based on their starting point and their destination. The app will then let users know where their pick up and drop off points will be, with the promise that no one will have to walk more than 12 minutes on either end. Bridj will also be introducing evening service from 4-7 p.m. in addition to the 7-10 a.m. morning service.

In Cambridge, Bridj is currently operating under a provisional license for a six-month trial period. You can read more about that in the upcoming print issue of Scout Cambridge.