With Bag Ban Looming, We’ve Tote-ally Got You Covered

porter square booksThis tote from Porter Square Books ($20) would like to congratulate you on being so environmentally conscious.

On March 31—almost one year to the day after Cambridge city council voted 8-1 in favor of the Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance—the city’s ban officially goes into effect. No longer will you be able to stash your purchases in a single-use plastic bag; instead, you’ll have to BYO (or pay a minimum of 10 cents for each paper or compostable bag you pick up at the checkout counter).

Luckily, your local shop owners are ready. “We have been preparing for this change for awhile,” says Susan Corcoran, who runs Black Ink in Harvard Square, “and I’m planning a humorous window display highlighting the bag ban and alternative reusable bags for the kick-off on April 1st.” She’s not the only one. Porter Square Books currently has a selection of bookish totes on display, and plenty of other area shops have stocked up on their favorite bag brands. As Cambridge bids plastic farewell, we asked the people behind a handful of area stores to share their recommendations for toting around your purchases.


This MBTA tote is printed in Somerville and sold exclusively at Wardmaps’ Cambridge shop.

MBTA Grocery Tote, $12.95
Wardmaps, 1735 Mass. Ave.


LOQI’s reusable bags are made in collaboration with designers from around the world, so you can grab one (or more!) of a wide range of original, colorful, off-the-wall prints.

LOQI Bag, $12
NOMAD, 1741 Mass. Ave.

porter square books

Show off your lit-loving side with a book-themed bag.

Out of Print totes, $17
Porter Square Books, 25 White St.

bag ban

The durable, recyclable, nylon 24-7 bag comes in a whole bunch of colors and is a cinch to fold back up into the pocket-sized ball shape you bought it in.

Flip And Tumble 24-7 Bag, $12
Abodeon, 1731 Mass. Ave.


Available in a variety of colors, these vegan leather totes are perfect for animal lovers.

Vegan Leather Tote, $54
Susanna Cambridge, 1776 Mass. Ave.

cambridge naturals

Show off your eco-consciousness with an organic cotton tote from Cambridge Naturals, made right here in the USA.

Organic Cotton Tote, $14.99
Cambridge Naturals, 23 White St.

museum of useful things

Who says your bag can’t do more than just lug stuff around? This tote from Black Ink also gives you a hand with decimal conversions.

Museum of Useful Things Decimals Tote, $24
Black Ink, 5 Brattle St.


Carrying a heavy load? The Italia Bag, made from recycled plastic bottles, holds up to 65 pounds.

Italia Bag, $15
Abodeon, 1731 Mass. Ave.

harvard book store

Readers and writers will love the typewriter tote from Harvard Book Store, designed by MLK & Toast Press.

Harvard Book Store Canvas Bag, $10.99
Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass. Ave.


Classic, compact, easy to clean—Baggu Bags are the original, and they’re still the real deal. (Plus, they’re available in all kinds of cool patterns.)

Baggu Bags, $9.99
Xylem, 287 Third St.