Next Week, “We’re Gonna Die” at Oberon

What’s the one thing we all have in common? As the Company One Theatre team explains in the video below, we all love Beyoncé, no one dug the second season of True Detective, and everyone cares what other people say about them. Oh, and we’re gonna die. That’s both a hard, fast fact of life and the […]

Dancing in the Moonlight

A few years ago, burlesque entertainer and drag king Allix Mortis was in the midst of the city grind. They were stretched thin, trying to make it work between two jobs and freelance gigs. Seeking an outlet, they found the burlesque community. Now, Mortis balances a more daytime vanilla work life with performing and coordinating shows by […]

CAN’T-MISS CAMBRIDGE: The Boston Underground Film Festival 2016

Every year, the nation’s top festivals and award ceremonies devolve more and more into glorified showcases for their respective brands. Sundance has the market cornered on self-indulgent middle-achievers who impress people at parties with facts from only the most obscure Wikipedia articles while showing films about how they learned to love themselves in the face of no opposition whatsoever. […]

MAGIC MIKE: The One-Two Punch Takedown of Toxic Masculinity

Magic Mike and Magic Mike XXL will be playing as a double feature at Cambridge’s Brattle Theater on Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27. Check here for ticket availability and showtimes. A funny thing happened when the endearing yet chronically miscast Channing Tatum led a greased-up, gregarious cast of studs for the breezy 2012 hit […]

Bands on Breakups: Local Artists Share Their Favorite Sad Songs

Sometimes, love can change your life, affirm your existence, shift your worldview. Sometimes, in the words of the immortal J. Geils Band, love stinks. In case your romantic life is currently trending toward bitter rather than sweet, we asked some of our favorite Cambridge-based artists to share their most-played breakup songs with us. Because misery loves company! Walter Sickert […]

We’re Crushin’ on Allston Pudding

Love is in the air—or maybe it’s in your stomach after a first date with your recent crush. You swiped right to find out that he/she/they dig well-curated playlists about love, and your ol’ pals at Allston Pudding have you covered! We asked our favorite local music bloggers to share their top tracks for sensitive, sappy suckers. Check out their picks below, then grab your headphones and […]

We’re Off to Harvard Square: Local Artist’s Illustrations Get a Second Life

The first time Sage Stossel sat down to pen We’re Off to Harvard Square, she gave up. Stossel wanted to write and illustrate a children’s book, and figured the easiest way to go about doing so was to write a story and then sketch out the drawings to accompany it. The longtime Harvard Square resident had recently moved away from Cambridge, […]