Jeffrey Eugenides On Humanity and the Art of Short Fiction

Content warning: This article discusses sexual assault. Aside from a cuss-filled account of a stoned undergrad meeting a middle aged man after a weekend of bathhouse debauchery, Jeffrey Eugenides appears right at home behind a church lectern. No story of Eugenides’s ends in overt fire and brimstone, nor did he play an iconized minister to […]

From Rent Control to Riot Squads: The Photographs of Olive Pierce

Cambridge Public Library archivist Alyssa Pacy knows that 1970s City Council meetings might not be particularly interesting to the average person. And they certainly don’t sound like the most engaging subject for a series of photographs, right? “But they were,” Pacy insists. “It was such an explosive time. There were hearings on rent control, on police brutality. […]