Author Alice Hoffman Teams Up With Cousin To ‘Weave A Tale’

Alice Hoffman, a Cambridge author of more than 30 novels, has teamed up with her cousin Lisa Hoffman to create a unique book centered around the intersection of storytelling and knitting. “Faerie Knitting: 14 Tales of Love and Magic,” released in September, is a book of fairy tales written by Alice and knitting patterns created […]

To Be Born Again in Cambridge

Ryan H. Walsh’s Quest To Document (And Become) Part of Local Music History In 1968, Van Morrison found himself with a clean slate in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Irish singer-songwriter had just gotten married (partially out of love, partially for a green card) and cut himself from a shady record deal he made back in New […]

From the Cloud to the Paige: Meet Harvard Book Store’s On-Demand Printer

Nestled in the back of Harvard Book Store, Paige M. Gutenborg whirs away. A faint smell of glue surrounds the machine as digital files transform into bound books. It starts with a Xerox printer. The manuscript pops out and is whisked into a neat stack, and then comes the gluing and binding. Tiny balls of […]