Talkin’ about Walkin’ with “The Brick Lady” of Cambridge

There are a lot of things that make Cambridge such a beautiful city—the architecture, the foliage, the views of the Charles. But ask Diane Beck, and she’ll tell you: It also has something to do with the ground you’re walking on. “The brick around the new Harvard Museums is wire-cut brick, laid very closely, and […]

Getting Past Mass. Ave.

Every city has its thoroughfares, places where restaurants are plentiful, nightlife is booming and crowds throng the sidewalks. In Cambridge, we have Mass. Ave., which wends its way from south of Boston through the heart of our city, snaking past MIT and Harvard, cutting through North Cambridge and continuing to Arlington and beyond. But outside […]

Lynch Family Skatepark Builds a Community On Wheels

The Lynch Family Skatepark doesn’t just provide the area’s skaters with 40,000 square feet of bowls, ramps and railings. Skateboarder Maya Volpacchio, age 18, loves the park’s layout. Its three bowls—essentially, empty swimming pools—of different sizes allow beginning skaters to start small, working their way up. She’s also a fan of the mini street section. […]

Safety First: Can a Complete Streets Policy Protect Cyclists and Pedestrians?

When Cambridge kicked off its second round of participatory budgeting last year, giving citizens the opportunity to vote on how $600,000 in public funds were allocated, there were lots of flashy potential projects on the ballot: free wifi and solar-powered charging benches in area parks, a block party trailer, interactive technology for the library’s main […]

A Show of Hands

These days, there’s something almost revolutionary about working in a manual trade—in creating a thing, in experiencing the the tactile fruits of physical labor. As our world and work increasingly move online, there are still those working to perfect a craft, who are tied to their toolbox rather than to their inbox. We asked four […]

Scout You: March/April 2016

In every issue, we send our photographer around town to capture photos of people having fun. Keep an eye out for her—you could be featured in an upcoming edition of Scout!

For Cambridge’s Family-Owned Businesses, It’s All Relative

There’s a lot to love about running a family business. You’re working with people you know are reliable, people you can trust to do their job well. You get to spend time together you otherwise wouldn’t, and you can (theoretically) be forthcoming with your ideas and opinions. “No matter how much you bicker—usually—you can keep […]