SHAG Discount Weekend

Haven’t gotten your tickets to SHAG yet? Worried you’re going to miss an amazing evening of music, dance, and sh(w)ag? Starting today, you can snag seat in the upper balcony for $15, and the lower balcony seating is a steal at $20, with an additional $5 off the Cuisine En Locale VIP after-party. This offer […]

Scout’s Honored Awards Gala Tickets On Sale!

See that nifty banner over there? It speaks the truth: tickets to the first-ever Scout’s Honored Awards Gala (SHAG) are officially on the market. Held at the absolutely gorgeous, fresh off its centennial Somerville Theater on the evening of September 18th, it will feature performances by Boston Comedy Festival winner Dan Boulger, the eye-popping aerials […]

Fourth Festivities

Be sure to make your way to the Charles River Esplanade to watch the fireworks and take part in the festivities this Independence Day! At 8:30 p.m. the concert featuring The Beach Boys, Megan Hilty, Phantom of the Opera performers, Boston’s Children’s Chorus and of course the Boston Pops will begin, followed by fireworks at […]

World Cup Kickoff at Phoenix Landing

The 2014 World Cup is officially underway – something that you’d probably pick up on if you were at the Phoenix Landing right now. They’ll be broadcasting every game live for the next two weeks, so get ready for a lot of late lunches and unproductive afternoons. Check the schedule here, and twitter types should […]

Nominate Now …

Or forever hold your choice for the best piece of pie in Cambridge to yourself. The Scout’s Honored nomination polls officially close on midnight, Saturday, June 7th. So if the thought of your favorite corner store not getting the love it deserves breaks your little heart, do something about it and vote!

The Ballots Are (Coming) In!

We asked and you answered – responses have been pouring in for our 2014 Scout Honored nominees. If you haven’t submitted yet, or if you just remembered the name of that perfect little coffeeshop you blanked on the first time, there’s still plenty of a time to vote. Plus, we just added the new category […]

Cinco de Mayo in Harvard Square

If last weekend’s festival-a-palooza wasn’t enough to fill your need for Harvard Square-spanning shenanigans (and we know they weren’t), then make plans to visit one of the Square’s many fine dining establishment for especiales de comida y bebidas in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Check here and the Harvard Square Business Association homepage for a complete […]

Happy Earth Day!

Seeing as the planet’s meeting us halfway with some fantastic weather on this Earth Day, it only seems fair to give back. This Saturday, the Friends of the Alewife Reservation will be teaming up with the Mystic River Watershed Association for their 8th annual Park Serve Day. Help spruce up the place in the morning, […]

SCOUT PICKS: Ira Glass – Reinventing Radio

One of the most recognizable nasal whines in radio history belongs to Ira Glass, the co-creator and host of WBEZ’s “This American Life,” which is distributed by Public Radio International. Glass will be coming to Harvard’s Sanders Theatre on March 9 as part of their Celebrity Series. He’ll walk the audience through the process that goes […]

SCOUT PICKS: The Nightcap

Don’t let that suspicious-looking zip code fool you—this night of music, comedy and non-profitry is as Cantabrigian as they come. The official unofficial MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference afterparty, The Nightcap will feature sports-themed standup by Gregg Gethard and Aaron Hertzog, a performance by two-man binary band Big Digits, and a local-celebrity Connect Four tournament […]


The Holidays are closing in on us – and, soon thereafter, the arid expanse of Winter. Scout Picks are in so enjoy this pre-Christmas interregnum while you can with this lovely smattering of cultural offerings, including everything from girl-punk and girl-heavy-metal to Baroque to football to cheese.