Born and Raised

“Born and raised in Cambridge” is a description that is becoming more and more of an anomaly. With the high concentration of colleges, and the booming biotech industry, the city attracts transplants. Cambridge-bred rapper King Fiya remembers seeing the shift happen in front of him around 2011, while living in the heart of Central Square.  […]

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A Matter of Grave Importance: Exploring Cambridge Cemeteries

Modern society tends to fastidiously avoid talking about death in general, but autumn has a special way of bringing about the topic. It’s the season of detritus, as vibrant green leaves fade to shades of red and orange and eventually drop to our feet, where they turn dry and brown and crumble to dust. There’s Halloween […]

Q&A: Chris Dempsey of No Boston Olympics

Cambridge residents breathed a collective sigh of relief in July, when the US Olympic Committee announced that it would no longer pursue an Olympic bid in Boston. That decision was largely due to the grassroots efforts of passionate local organizers in groups including No Boston Olympics, who canvassed, held meetings and rallied supporters online, encouraging residents throughout the […]

RAISING GENERATION Z: Seeking Balance for the Net Generation

When we first sat down with area parents to talk about the challenges of raising Generation Z, we were thinking about all the factors that might give them anxiety: finding the right school, living in a good neighborhood, giving their children access to the best pediatric care—the kinds of things that influence your decision to live […]