From The Ground Up

For 50 years, East Cambridge–based affordable housing developer Just-A-Start has been quite literally building space for low-income residents from the ground up. And that’s just one of the ways they’ve been fighting income inequality in the increasingly divided city.  Last month, Just-A-Start purchased a 43,800 square foot property at 52 New St. in North Cambridge. […]

Keep the Kids Busy With a Cat, a Mouse, and an App

For 30 years in public television, Somervillian Marisa Wolsky has been able to focus on her raison d’etre: making educational content fun for kids. Her latest project has proven to be one of her most popular: the interactive “Scribbles and Ink” drawing app, based on children’s books by author and illustrator Ethan Long. “Children’s television […]

Born and Raised

“Born and raised in Cambridge” is a description that is becoming more and more of an anomaly. With the high concentration of colleges, and the booming biotech industry, the city attracts transplants. Cambridge-bred rapper King Fiya remembers seeing the shift happen in front of him around 2011, while living in the heart of Central Square.  […]