The Apothecary Where Everybody Knows Your Name

A few miles away from the setting of “Cheers,” there’s another mythic place where everyone knows your name after a visit or two. To be fair, it’s probably best for a pharmacy to know everyone’s name for the sake of filling out prescriptions, but Skenderian Apothecary treats a first-name basis like a common courtesy, not […]

Shifting Out of Autopilot: The Health Benefits of Being Present

David Foster Wallace stood in front of Kenyon College’s graduating class in 2005 and gave a commencement speech. He chose to impart his wisdom to the graduates using a tale of two fish. “There are these two young fish swimming along, and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way who nods […]

Exercise Loves Company

A hundred people were gathered in Harvard Stadium at 6:30 on a cold November morning. The massive complex that can seat 30,000 was reverberating with impassioned screaming at a time when most people would still be in bed. The horde of people had come together to exercise. The routines vary based on ability level, but […]

Blood and Biomarkers: Tracking the Body from the Inside

Laura Ingalls is a marathon runner, triathlete, and running coach. In late 2013, she inexplicably began to gain weight. Her doctor told her nothing was wrong, and that to combat weight gain she should exercise more—a recommendation that she found baffling, given her active lifestyle. Ingalls tried out InsideTracker, a Cambridge-based health optimization service that […]

Startup Plays Matchmaker for Patients and Therapists

When Eva Breitenbach was in graduate school at MIT, a medical scare led her to seek a therapist’s help. She was vocal about the support she found in therapy, and before long people around campus started coming up to her and telling her about the trouble they’d had connecting with mental health therapists. “People were […]