Creativity, Collaboration and Confidence at The Hip Hop Transformation

While small kids run around the Cambridge Community Center’s main floor—laughing and stomping, sneakers squeaking, chased by adults who strike a balance between fun and authoritative—a very different noise is blaring out of a small room deep in the building’s basement. Down here, syncopated drums, digitized strings and confident vocals boom from a Mac monitor […]

How Adia Victoria Unstuck Herself From The South

The basement of the Lizard Lounge is a cozy space, caressed by soft red lights and the quiet din of folks enjoying drinks and one another’s company. Saturday night is always ripe with the chance to soak up a new experience, to try on a new feeling, and on this Saturday night, in this little […]

SCOUT PICK: Beach Slang at The Sinclair, May 19

The way bands make money has shifted dramatically over the last decade. Due to the ubiquitous presence of streaming services, album sales are no longer the best way to make a buck. Artists now have to hit the road—and hit it hard—if they want to make a living playing music. Take a look at the ever-growing […]

Bands on Breakups: Local Artists Share Their Favorite Sad Songs

Sometimes, love can change your life, affirm your existence, shift your worldview. Sometimes, in the words of the immortal J. Geils Band, love stinks. In case your romantic life is currently trending toward bitter rather than sweet, we asked some of our favorite Cambridge-based artists to share their most-played breakup songs with us. Because misery loves company! Walter Sickert […]

We’re Crushin’ on Allston Pudding

Love is in the air—or maybe it’s in your stomach after a first date with your recent crush. You swiped right to find out that he/she/they dig well-curated playlists about love, and your ol’ pals at Allston Pudding have you covered! We asked our favorite local music bloggers to share their top tracks for sensitive, sappy suckers. Check out their picks below, then grab your headphones and […]

PHOTOS: Honk! Festival 2015

The 10th annual Honk! Festival brought the brass to Somerville and Cambridge this weekend. More than 25 bands with influences as diverse as punk, funk, Afrobeat and more filled the streets—from Somerville’s Davis Square to Harvard Square in Cambridge—with music. Scout was there, too—dancing, laughing and snapping photos of the action.

Passim’s Iguana Music Fund Calls for 2015 Grant Applicants

Calling all area musicians: The Iguana Music Fund is now accepting applications for its 2015 grant season. Since 2008, when an anonymous donor first established the program, the Passim Iguana Music Fund has been providing artists throughout New England with financial backing that can further their careers. Over the last seven years, the fund has given more than […]

SCOUT OUT: Memory Lane

If you are near a radio right now, turn it on. Switch it over to AM, and set the dial to 740. Now close your eyes and try to tell me what year it is. Answer: Hard to say, but definitely not 2014. The station’s eclectic mix of vocal and instrumental easy-listening classics, played in […]