Cambridge’s Newest Food Festival: a Burger Battle and Cocktail Contest

char and bar warsPhoto by @joefoodie on Flickr.

Hope you’re hungry (and thirsty).

You know that episode of Bob’s Burgers where Bob is competing in a televised burger battle and almost loses because he forgets the secret ingredient—black garlic—and has to rely on his kids to track it down?

Well… the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce’s Char and Bar Wars probably won’t be a lot like that. (We’ve just been watching a lot of Bob’s Burgers lately.)

For starters, this inaugural burger battle also incorporates a cocktail competition. Plus, the winner isn’t decided by some TV host—you get to vote for the best burg in Cambridge after throwing down some sliders from 30 of the city’s best restaurants.

“We wanted to do some really fun events that involved more of the community,” explains Cydney Conmy, marketing coordinator for the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce. “We started talking about—what’s going to make people the happiest?”

And truly, what makes people happier than burgers? Especially when the chamber is encouraging inventive options, be they vegan or lamb or chicken. All entries are welcome, so long as they’re in a patty.

You can feel good about chowing down, too, as a portion of the proceeds from the event will go to support the Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program at the Rindge School of Technical Arts.

Plus, while the “Char War” side of the competition will honor the best classic and best signature burger, the plan is for chefs to submit a slider-sized version of a burger you’ll be able to find on their menu even after the event is over. Conmy explains that the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce wants to show people just how many delicious eats you can find here even after the battle is done.

“That’s what we’re really excited about,” Conmy says, “People can interact with their favorite restaurants and go support their favorites, or find somebody new that they really love.”

Though, truth be told, the members of the chamber are probably also pretty excited just to finally have a chance to eat all these burgers.

“Looking up all the information about the restaurants, trying to find out who has great burgers and who to contact, watching all the images go by and researching them… it definitely makes you want a burger at the end of the day,” Conmey laughs.

Char and Bar Wars is scheduled for Wednesday, August 2 from 5–8 p.m. at University Park, 50 Lansdowne St. Tickets and additional information are available here