City Launches Loyalty Program to Support Inman Businesses

Vision ZeroPhoto by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

The Inman Square Loyalty Program launched on Friday, offering patrons extra incentives to shop at Inman businesses as construction causes disruptions in the heart of the square.

Here’s how it works: Pick up a loyalty card at any of the participating businesses. You get a stamp for each purchase you make, and if you get at least six stamps in a month you can enter a raffle by putting your card in drop boxes sprinkled throughout the square. Each month, two winners will get $50 gift cards to the Inman business of their choice.

“The pilot Inman Square Loyalty Program is part of our efforts to mitigate city construction-related impacts for local businesses,” Iram Farooq, assistant city manager for community development, said in a statement. “Inman Square is a vibrant part of Cambridge’s retail economy, and the program encourages people to continue enjoying its diverse dining and shopping options during construction.”

The Community Development Department is leading the program, and will work with stakeholders to help support businesses throughout the Inman Square Intersection Improvements, which will target the intersection of Cambridge Street and Hampshire Street.

“Supporting small business owners becomes even more important when they face construction projects,” Jason Alves, director of East Cambridge Business Association, said in a statement. “The Inman Square Loyalty Program will help remind people of the positive impact they can have on their community each and every time they make a decision to spend their dollars locally. It will be great to see the community get behind our businesses and win some prizes that will further support those impacted.”