With your help, danger!awesome expands

danger!awesome, Central Square’s iconically eclectic makerspace/workshop/science Hogwarts, has just announced plans to move into a space five times the size of their current shop and expand their educational offerings in an equally big way. More info–and how you can help–after the jump.

In keeping with danger!awesome’ vision of offering affordable, accessible future-tech education to the greater Cambridge community, danger!awesome is reaching out via kickstarter to help fund this project, which is slated to be completed and open to the public March 31st of this year. Only a few days into the campaign, danger!awesome is already scraping up against the halfway point, even bringing in over $7,000 in a single day.

More than just breathing room, the additional space of the new location (across the corner from the original Prospect St. shop, and still Red Line accessible), will allow danger!awesome to focus on lager classroom learning initiatives—everything from laser engraving to starting your own company. As co-founder—and recently elected Cambridge City Councilor—Nadeem Mazen puts it, “Cambridge is the only city where we have three geniuses to every student. and with those incredible resources we as a community can and must do more to give all of our students access to project based learning that excites them and gets them invested in their own educational outcomes.”

The kickstarter runs till Saturday, February 15th, so what are you waiting for? Get awesome!