Forgetful Type? Sign Up for Cambridge E-Line


If you’re a car owner in the city, this has almost certainly happened to you: You grab your keys and head out to your vehicle, only to find that it isn’t sitting where you last parked it. Glancing up at the street cleaning signs, you realize that you were parked on the wrong side of the road—the car has been ticketed and towed and is waiting for you at a municipal lot somewhere. (Since street sweeping just started back up for the 2015 season on April 1, this may have happened to you fairly recently.)

To help area drivers avoid that inconvenience—and the unnecessary costs that come with it—the city offers the Cambridge E-Line service. Not to be confused with the Green Line branch, the E-Line system sends texts, emails or phone calls to subscribers with reminders about street cleaning dates and alerts about trash and recycling collection. The system also sends out a weekly newsletter with construction updates and news from City Council.

E-Line isn’t the only city service that sends alerts right to your inbox or mobile device. There’s also CodeRed, which fires off updates on snow emergencies, parking bans and evacuations, and Citizen Observer, which releases updates about crime and notes on crime prevention specific to the area you’re in.

For more information on E-line, CodeRed and Citizen Observer, or to sign up for alerts, head to

And if your vehicle did end up getting towed over the first few days of street sweeping (sorry!), don’t forget that you can enter the make, model and license plate number of your car to find it online here.