Free Time Fervor

free time

Photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

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The people of Cambridge are doing amazing things in their work lives, but we think that what you do outside of work is important enough to merit its own issue. After all, what’s a better indicator of what people care about than how they choose to spend their free time?

People here push hard for the causes they care about, and it turns out that’s not new: we dove into the city’s rich history of activism and how that legacy continues on today (p.20).

To unplug and destress, we found that people are seeing what they can toss in the air (p.16). For the creatives, we looked into a homegrown audio drama (p.22) and the American Repertory Theater’s spring lineup (p.24).

Looking for something new in this city of endless activities? We put together a winter bucket list, full of ideas for what you can dive into even as the temperatures drop (p.14), and checked out an upcoming book you can cozy up with from a local author (p.15).

Whether you see your passions highlighted here or find something new you want to get involved in, we appreciate you taking some of your free time to be here with us.

Reena Karasin

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