Beacon Hill’s Health Yoga Life Stretches Into Kendall Square

health yoga lifePhoto by Mae Hogan Photography

When Health Yoga Life opens its doors in Kendall Square next week, co-founder Vyda Bielkus hopes the studio will help the area’s innovators and educators find balance—and not just in their crane poses.

“I don’t think people even realize how much is happening in terms of startups and biotech and just the brainpower, basically, that’s coming out of there,” says Bielkus, who runs HYL with her three sisters. It’s a fast-paced neighborhood full of busy, hardworking people, which she says made it a natural choice for the siblings when they decided to expand beyond their location in Boston’s Beacon Hill, since yoga can reduce stress, decrease pressure and help people achieve a literal work-life balance.

“Yoga and meditation are the perfect compliment for folks who have really stressful lives,” she adds. So when a space opened up in the new Novartis building at 181 Mass. Ave., she says it just seemed like it fit. “I really pick locations based on the pulse of the area. Every time I went over to that end of Kendall, start of Central area, I just felt so enlivened and excited.”

She envisions HYL’s sun-filled Cambridge studio as an open community space—and because people who work in the area might be crunched for time, she and her siblings are trying to make it as easy as they can for people to squeeze in a little bit of zen. Their schedule will be stacked with plenty of afternoon classes in the hope that people who work in the area will consider taking a mid-day meditation break instead of going out for a coffee. HYL will also offer a membership program that lets yogis have a mat, towel and mat covering laundered and waiting for them each time they drop in for class.

All in all, Bielkus says it makes perfect sense to bring her practice to an area filled with scientists, students and startups. “They really want the science that proves something works, right? Yoga and meditation have been researched now, and have been shown to have amazing health benefits.”

“Everyone from Tom Brady to the heads at Google are meditating and doing yoga,” she adds with a laugh.

Health Yoga Life is located in the Novartis building at 181 Mass. Ave., and Scout readers can save $10 on a 30-day trial pass using the code “scout10.” Learn more at