Last-Minute Holiday Recipes from the Brass Sisters

brass sistersAunt Minnie's date and oat bars, left, and chocolate chess pie

No holiday season is complete without delicious, homemade baked goods. The way the oven warms the kitchen, the smells wafting through the rooms of the house—we’re getting homesick just thinking about it.

Still, you can only down so many chocolate chip cookies before getting baked goods burnout. So we asked two of the best bakers in Cambridge—Marilynn and Sheila Brass—to share their suggestions for winning holiday recipes with us. The sweets-loving sisters have authored three cookbooks, and their most recent collection, Baking with the Brass Sisters, just hit shelves in October. We’ll have a full story on these siblings up next week—but first, some sugary treats to whet your appetite.

brass sisters


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