March/April 2017

We’re talkin’ tech in the March/April edition of Scout! Ten local innovators who make everything from self-driving cars to streaming video solutions share their secrets for startup success, and we take a look at some super off-the-wall scientific developments that will keep us safer and healthier. (Bomb-detecting spinach is a thing, apparently—you have a team of researchers at MIT to thank for that.) We talk to the folks at City Hall about what innovation looks like when it comes to making Cambridge a better place to live, and there’s even a futuristic take on cocktails thanks to Todd Maul at Café ArtScience.

Innovation aside, we have updates on development in Harvard Square, and we took a look inside the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, where instructors teach everything from dancing to dream journaling. We also caught up with a local man who has a very unusual hobby: making strangers rich (or at least a little bit richer).