Meet the Scout Team: Sasha Pedro, Staff Photographer

Sasha PedroSasha Pedro plays with her band Charmed and Strange. Photo courtesy of Sasha Pedro.

Sasha Pedro would like a dog. But as a one-woman professional photography business who also works at MIT and keeps active in the local music scene, well … “I don’t have the time,” she laments.

A South Shore native who lives in Weymouth, Pedro (which she pronounces with a long “e”) grew up in a family where everyone was artistically inclined but nobody did it full-time. That family trait expressed itself in her through photography; she saved up money from her paper route to get her first camera, a Canon Rebel XTI, an early digital SLR.

“I just always had a camera on me, and more and more people would ask me to take photos until, over time, I realized how much I enjoyed it and turned it into a full-time gig,” says Pedro.

In addition to playing guitar in Charmed and Strange, a four-piece rock/punk band, Pedro documents women and nonbinary gendered musicians. “I just love working with the music community because you can be creative in a way that you can’t necessarily be when you’re doing mainstream portraits,” she says.

She has also, on and o over the years, been documenting her own generation—Pedro is 30—as they struggle to find a way to create a home of their own in the one of the costliest housing markets in the country while burdened by expensive school loans and faced with a limited job market.

Whether it’s photographing local businesses for Scout, creating an imaginative wedding shoot, or documenting local musicians, Pedro finds the work endlessly interesting.

“I like the variety of photography a lot,” she says. “Photography genuinely never has gotten boring to me in the way that other jobs have, thus the drive to want to keep doing it.”

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