Veggie GalaxyThe mac 'n stack from Veggie Galaxy. Photo courtesy of Veggie Galaxy.

Restaurant Overall, Restaurant in Central Square, Chef (Ken Oringer & Jamie Bissonnette): Little Donkey
505 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 945-1008
Read our article on Little Donkey here.

Gourmet or Specialty & Food Catering: Formaggio Kitchen
244 Huron Ave., (617) 354-4750

Written by Eric Francis

There is bread, and then there is Irish soda bread made with buttermilk and filled with raisins. There is cheese, and then there is Selles sur Cher goat cheese from the Loire Valley. There is honey, and then there is Melata di Bosco made by bees feeding on alpine spruce honeydew. Vive la différence, and vive Formaggio Kitchen for placing so many differences—in honeys, cheeses, breads, wines, and more—at the fingertips of the good people of Cambridge. At Formaggio Kitchen, you can explore Europe on your own by taking home Sottocenere al Tartufo (an Italian cow milk cheese with truffles) and a bottle of French wine from a collection curated by their experts, or in good company with Formaggio Kitchen’s lasagne (pasta from Abruzzo, filled with house-made béchamel and beef and pork ragu) and seasonal craft beer from local breweries.

Food Truck: Bartleby’s Seitan Stand
(617) 395-5638,

This food truck’s embraced vegetarianism and the devil, using the Seitan/Satan homophones to spur a creative, demonic menu. If you like heat, Bartleby’s Seitan Stand is the food truck for you: the “Daredevil’s Deluxe,” for example, is a spicy seitan patty on a pretzel roll with red onion, pickles, lettuce, and tomato. Sauces—or “Dips of Destruction”—include Seitanic Spicy Sauce and Garlic ’n Herb Ranch, with Thai Chili Ketchup and Bang! Bang! coming down the line.

Bakery: Flour Bakery + Cafe
114 Mount Auburn St., (617) 714-3205
40 Erie St., (617) 945-0322
190 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 225-2525

Butcher: Savenor’s Market
92 Kirkland St., (617) 576 6328

Coffee Shop or Cafe: 1369 Coffee House
1369 Cambridge St., (617) 576-1369
757 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 576-4600

Breakfast: Henrietta’s Table
1 Bennett St., (617) 661-5005

Bar Eats: State Park
One Kendall Square, (617) 848-4355

Cheap Eats: Naco Taco
297 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 945-1548

Takeout: Punjabi Dhaba
225 Hampshire St., (617) 547-8272

Burger: Alden & Harlow
40 Brattle St., (617) 864-2100

Sushi: Cafe Sushi
1105 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 492-0434

Tacos: Lone Star Taco Bar
635 Cambridge St., (857) 285-6179

Kid-Friendly Restaurant: Border Cafe
32 Church St., (617) 864-6100

Service Staff: The Abbey
1755 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 714-4944

Asian: Dumpling House
950 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 661-8066

Brunch: Wit’s End
1248 Cambridge St., (857) 259-6168

Wit’s End has been bringing banter and clever questions to Inman Square since it opened last fall. The motif of two sides to a conversation or argument pops up throughout the bar’s design. The bar itself—which is filled with Scrabble letters below the glass, letting patrons pick out words from the jumble—is half black and half tan. Many of the dishes can be prepared in two ways, as dueling plates, and cocktails come in “old school” and “new school” styles.

Vegan or Vegetarian: Veggie Galaxy
450 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 497-1513

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