Multicultural Arts Center Celebrates ‘Our Town, Our Stories’

Graphic courtesy of the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.

The Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center is accepting submissions for a new creative initiative titled “Our Town, Our Stories,” a scripted play that uses the story submissions of Cambridge residents to create a narrative about their lives during the pandemic.

“We are asking the Cambridge community to bring their humor, concerns, revelations, acts of kindness and episodes of life,” a press release from the Multicultural Arts Center reads. “We want to know how the pandemic has affected them, their family and/or housemates during this global crisis. We want stories about everything from the teddy bear “walk” … to dealing with job loss and the unemployment process.”

According to the press release, once the stories have been collected, the Arts Center staff will weave them into a play. It will be produced and presented at the Multicultural Arts Center once it reopens after the stay-at-home advisory.

”Because so much of the pandemic has revolved around what we can’t do, we wanted people in the community to be able to do something proactive,” Executive Director Shelley Neill wrote in a statement. “Our stories are about sharing with one another – something we can do. We have great hope for the future and we think that our stories will help us to both better understand what is happening now, show how we are coping, and give us a path to moving forward. Our day-to-day may be restricted but not our creativity, which has no boundaries.”

Residents can submit stories using a form on the Multicultural Arts Center website. The stories should include a title, and be a maximum of 500 words. Participants have the option of remaining anonymous or including their name on the form.

The Multicultural Arts Center is not planning on having those who submit perform in the play once it is produced, according to marketing assistant Zoe Langosy. People who do not live in Cambridge, but work in the city, are also encouraged to submit, she says.

To learn more, visit the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center website here.

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