Harvard students rally for nap space

87356589Number one on Harvard students’ wish lists? More nap time.

In fact, the Harvard Crimson reports that a petition for a nap space in Harvard Yard is generating interest from sleep-deprived students at the ivy league.

The petition is featured in the “We the Crimson” website. It allows Harvard students to submit ideas to improve the university in general, as well as vote for their favorite suggestion.

The most popular petition so far is Yuqi Hou’s idea to implement “nap spaces” in Harvard Yard. She says a little shut eye boosts performance.

“People don’t realize how important it is to take a nap,” Hou says. “It improves your GA because you’re actually more focused.”

The applied math major also says creating a naps-only environment would allow students to manage their time more wisely. “Going back to the dorm to nap is not time-effective,” she says here.

Hou is no visionary, as Harvard would not be the first campus to feature a room especially designed for napping. As of 2009, the University of Colorado in Boulder featured what they call the “siesta room,” fully equipped with blindfolds, earplugs and beanbags. All so students can enjoy a one-to-two hour nap in between classes.

Hou’s proposal will be submitted to Havard’s dean Evelynn’s M. Hammonds, as it was one of three proposals to receive the most enthusiasm. According to reports, it received 191 “yes” votes.

The 19-year-old sophomore, though, isn’t exactly waiting for Hammonds’ thumbs-up to promote napping to her peers. She’s creating a so-called “nap map,” hashing out locations where students would be able to rest in between classes.

Zzzzz… – Lucas Parolin