Flat Patties Temporarily Serving up Felipe’s Fare

Out with the old and in with the new! The Mt. Auburn Street Felipe’s Taqueria closed its doors yesterday as it prepares for a move across Harvard Square. The restaurant is relocating to an expanded location at the former site of Bertucci’s (21 Brattle St.). Also expanding: the menu. The new Felipe’s will include seafood […]

No Foolin’: April is Poetry Month!

In honor of poetry month, the Scout will be publishing reader-submitted poems every week in April, as well as poetry events, poetry resources, and poetry more! Stay tuned, and if you haven’t checked out our Camberville Canon feature yet, give it a read! Happy Versing!

SCOUT OUT: A Perfect Day of Vegetarian Eats

By Michelle Lahey On the healthy-living, eco-conscious front, today’s factory-farmed beef and poultry leave much to be desired. And thanks to animal agriculture being one of the leading causes of global warming, it’s not surprising that Cambridge is brimming with hungry vegetarians (and vegans). Many local restaurants offer up tasty alternatives to meat and potatoes. […]

CONTEST: Engineer BBC’s New Techie Burger

Boston Burger Company has a fantastic idea for a new science and technology-inspired offering … and you just heard it. Beyond the theme, everything else about these “cyburgers” are being open-sourced – which is where you come in. Either come up with a recipe for one of their suggestions listed here on the left, or […]


The pit becomes a cauldron as Harvard Square’s own annual convention of science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction returns for its 14th year, featuring author signings, film screenings and more big names than you could shake a bat’leth at—including guest of honor Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Kingkiller Chronicle. Spread out over multiple venues and […]

Square Roots: Cambridge’s Culture of Innovation

Sharing progressive politics and reputations as hubs of innovation, Boston and San Francisco are in many ways twin cities. But when it comes to tech advances, an important assist from Cambridge just might tip the scales in winning the sibling rivalry. “I have a unique perspective, in that I’ve now worked in the center of […]

It’s Almost Pi Day

As you probably remember from third grade, Pi is the symbol used in mathematics to represent the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and it’s expressed as approximately 3.14159 — which is why, on 3/14, dorks around the world celebrate Pi Day. Schools, organizations and businesses celebrate by creating Pi themed […]