Scout Out! Nehru cocktail at Rendezvous

Named one of Boston’s 15 most iconic drinks by, the Nehru from Rendezvous is Central Square is no ordinary beverage. Bar Manager Scott Holiday makes this on-the-rocks drink with saffron gin, lemon and cardamom. Your liver may not thank you for ordering it, but your taste buds certainly will.

Craving cookies in Harvard Square

If you’re bored ordering the same old late-night grub, don’t worry. Insomnia Cookies in Harvard Square gives you a different – and yummier – option. Cookies! Umm-numm-numm-numm.

Oprah Winfrey heads to Harvard campus

Where can we get tickets for the Harvard commencement? Trust us, you don’t want to miss this one. Harvard officials just announced that none other than talk-show icon Oprah Winfrey will step up to the podium as speaker at Harvard’s 362nd Commencement.

Trailer turned movie scores a ‘TEN’

What sort of story would you come up with if you were given the word TEN?  The Brattle Theatre’s Trailer Smackdown asked filmmakers to do that last year. The result is a locally shot post-exploitation flick sporting an all-female cast wearing plastic pig masks. Yep, the soon-to-be launched trailer for the upcoming movie TEN brings home […]

Wascally wabbit hops around Harvard Yard

Here comes Peter Cottontail? Not exactly. With Easter tiptoeing around the corner, there’s an onslaught of rabbit sightings in Cambridge. For the non-believers, Scout photographer Ryan Miner snapped a photo of a wayward bunny in Harvard Yard today.

Sneak peek of inaugural Scout Cambridge

So, what’s new? We are, silly. It’s been four short years since Scout Somerville made its stunning debut in a not-so-stellar economy. We’re a community-driven magazine focusing on the news, culture and events of the city. We’ve reached thousands of readers over the years, and now, we’re excited to debut Scout Cambridge.

Harvard students rally for nap space

Number one on Harvard students’ wish lists? More nap time. In fact, the Harvard Crimson reports that a petition for a nap space in Harvard Yard is generating interest from sleep-deprived students at the ivy league.

Join the circus at Esh Aerial Arts

There’s no clowning around at Esh Aerial Arts located at 33 Richdale Ave. near Cambridge’s Porter Square. However, there’s definitely a chance to go high wire. At the studio, students can get circus instruction and performance lessons to help them become more in sync with the way their body contorts and twists.

Thurston on Literary Death Match

If you’re the kind who appreciates playful, intelligent humor and literature and an audience that’s just as much part of a performance as the performer, then whip out those dusty boxing gloves and head to the Middle East on Friday, March 8 for the Literary Death Match. It’s on, folks.

Harvard Square scores Tasty Burger

At Tasty Burger, you can get a regular burger or one that’s de-calf. Pun intended. Formerly a 7-Eleven at 40 JFK St., the burger joint serves chicken sandwiches, hot dogs and salads along with the burgers all made with locally produced ingredients.