Peek at Brick and Mortar’s Specialty Cocktails

Brick & MortarA "Dollywood" cocktail. All photos by Gabrielle Chiongbian.

Best Cocktails: Brick & Mortar
567 Massachusetts Ave., (617) 491-0016


Sip the Dollywood slowly—the flavors morph in your mouth, presenting different facets of the cocktail one by one. Four Roses Bourbon is at the heart of this drink, with orgeat introducing almond into the mix. With lemon and orange juices—fresh squeezed daily—and shaken with a single ice cube, this drink is served over a mountain of crushed ice and garnished with mint.


Brick & Mortar

Mexican Radio

Tequila, pomegranate liqueur, lime, and ginger combine in this drink to form what bartender Humar Miranda calls “a play on a margarita.” The fact that the pomegranate flavor has some liquor to back it up means that this drink can pack a punch without an overwhelming tequila taste—it’s strong, but in a good way. The Mexican Radio is also less sugary than margaritas can be thanks to the ginger syrup, which introduces slight sweetness alongside the ginger flavor.

The Border Trilogy

This three-part drink is not for the faint of heart. Order this and you’ll be served a Mexican beer, a tequila shot, and a shot of housemade sangrita—a mix of juice, homemade tabasco, and homemade habanero that Miranda ranks at 7.5 on a spicy scale of one to 10. The sangrita is designed to be a delicious, spicy chaser to the already sippable Tequila Ocho.

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