Rotary Club spotlights CRLS students

scholarshipOn Thursday, March 21, the Rotary Club of Cambridge hosted Cambridge Rindge and Latin School National Honor Society students–members of the 2013 graduating class–at the club’s annual Leadership event.

Randy Lindel, President of the Rotary Club of Cambridge, welcomed the assembled guests that included school officials, local business leaders and Rotary members. ‚ÄúSpecial thanks to our host Tom Lucey of Harvard, along with Mayor Henrietta Davis, School Supt. Dr. Jeffrey Young and Jennifer O’Donnell and Peter Mili of CRLS. We are fortunate to work with such great partners.”

Addressing the nearly 40 students present, Lindel said: “You a remarkable group of individuals who inspire us, not only because of your outstanding leadership and service achievements to date, but also because you show every promise of being our visionary leaders of the future.” scholarshipwinners

Michelle Joella Kaala and Kevin Xiong both scored the Rotary Club scholarship.

In presenting a scholarship award to Kaala, the Rotary’s president-elect Marc Hofner said: “Michelle has volunteered to serve and cook frequent dinners at the Harvard Homeless Shelter. She also assists specialists in Pediatrics at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. In working with children, Michelle described her role as ‘calming them down, creating fun, designing art projects, carrying and playing with them, seeing their smiles.’ Michelle also indicated that volunteering has transformed her life by building her character: She is more caring, more compassionate, more loving towards others, more grateful…and is someone to rely on who truly cares”. In addition to Michelle’s $2,000 scholarship, Cambridge Rotary will make a $500 donation to the Harvard Homeless Shelter in Michelle’s name.

Rotary’s second $2,000 scholarship was awarded to Xiong, president of the Cambridge Rindge & Latin National Honor Society. In presenting the award, Hofner said: “Kevin has excelled as a student, teacher, entrepreneur and leader, someone who has high expectations for his peers, himself and everyone with whom he works. He has impressed others with his genuine kindness, compassion, consideration, appreciation and sincerity, not to mention his brilliance. He enjoys seeing others succeed and believes that, in working to improve the community, he has improved himself and provided others opportunities to do the same.” –From Rotary Club press release