Scout Needs Your Help To Survive, Now More Than Ever

We’re sure no one is surprised to hear that our small, independently owned local media outlet was barely making ends meet before this week. But with all of our revenue—which comes almost entirely from small business advertising partners—being cut off, the situation for Scout Magazines has become dire.

Our mission has always been supporting the people and the local business owners of this community, and we refuse to compromise on that mission—even when it puts us at risk. Therefore, we are not asking any local business owners to pay any outstanding balances. However, this means that Scout Magazines is struggling. 

This week, we’ve converted our operation from print-first to digital-first—a move unprecedented in Scout’s 11 year history. We decided that this was the best way to serve the community—with free coverage highlighting the struggles of people and business owners we know and love, while also touching on ways readers can help each other out, and small moments of positivity. 

We desperately need your help. In order for us to keep this barebones operation going—and by that we mean, literally just paying our writers—we are calling on you, if you have the means, to donate what you can. Otherwise, Scout is at risk of shutting its doors for good.

Our immediate need is $5,000. This will pay writers for the work they have done so far, and through the end of the month. Any additional funds will be put towards continuing to run the magazines—which, similar to nearly all local media sources, usually survive on a very thin margin—in the future. This would pay our designer, as well as photographers. It will keep our websites turned on.

Please help us share the stories we are already working on, and those that many are still asking us to write, by contributing today. This is your chance to keep an independent media source alive in a time when it’s most necessary. 

To donate, please click here.

We are grateful for Cambridge Local First, and its executive director Theodroa Skeadas, who have been instrumental in helping us and other small businesses throughout this time. CLF has generously allowed us to use their website for our landing page for donations. 

To read more of our coronavirus coverage, click here. 

Send all news tips to We want to continue to support small businesses through this, and to continue to amplify their fundraising efforts as well.