SCOUT OUT: A Perfect Day of Vegetarian Eats

vegetarianPhotos by Amie Durgin

By Michelle Lahey

On the healthy-living, eco-conscious front, today’s factory-farmed beef and poultry leave much to be desired. And thanks to animal agriculture being one of the leading causes of global warming, it’s not surprising that Cambridge is brimming with hungry vegetarians (and vegans).

Many local restaurants offer up tasty alternatives to meat and potatoes. Whether you’re a veteran veg-head, or just looking to cut back on meat intake, here’s a tour of some of the best veggie options for every meal. And don’t forget dessert!


Sofra Bakery, 1 Belmont St., 661-3161

Sofra’s Middle East-inspired menu offers a variety of vegetarian options during breakfast hours – expect dishes like shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato broth with curry) and the haloumi egg sandwich with feta butter. On the weekends, Sofra also serves specialty sweets, such as the pistachio donut with meyer lemon and rose.


Darwin’s Ltd., 148 Mt. Auburn St., 354-5233; and 1629 Cambridge St., 491-2999

With two locations in Cambridge – and a third on the way – Darwin’s easily makes some of the best veggie-friendly breakfast sandwiches in the city. We suggest the Inman burrito, or try the Hovey, but swap out the bacon for Darwin’s homemade salsa.


Clover Food Lab, 7 Holyoke St.; 1075 Cambridge St.; and 5 Cambridge Center

The all-vegetarian, all-the-time, menu at Clover is not only affordable, but also puts the spotlight on locally sourced ingredients. Given their devotion to keeping things fresh, items on the menu can change often, but several staples – like the chickpea fritter and egg sandwiches – remain constant. Clover is also keen on composting, so you can feel good about supporting the environment, local farmers and your appetite all in one sitting.


Life Alive, 765 Massachusetts Ave., 354-5433

Life Alive’s menu is omnivore tested, vegetarian approved. We highly recommend trying the hot and healthy Bachelor wrap, filled with broccoli, cheddar, dark greens, hard-boiled egg and nutritional yeast .


Veggie Galaxy, 450 Massachusetts Ave., 497-1513

Central Square’s vegan/vegetarian diner Veggie Galaxy offers meatless dishes in an old school, shiny diner setting. The menu is chock-full of fun comfort food options, although we’re partial to the open faced seitan sandwich – made with their own homemade seitan, topped with rainbow chard, balsamic and red wine gravy and served with a side of mustard baked beans.


Temple Bar, 1688 Massachusetts Ave., 547-5055

Most local diners wouldn’t think of Temple Bar in Porter Square as a good veg-friendly destination, but their three-course, prix fixe vegetarian chef’s tasting menu is worth checking out.


BerryLine, 3 Arrow St., 868-3500; and 1668 Massachusetts Ave., 492-3555

With locations in Harvard and Porter Square, BerryLine is where to go for your frozen yogurt fix. Flavors rotate often, but expect creative options such as peppermint Oreo and lavender honey. Pile your fro-yo flavor of choice with any of BerryLine’s extensive toppings, like fruit, nuts or candy. Not into frozen yogurt? BerryLine offers other items like smoothies and Taza hot chocolate.


Flour Bakery, 190 Massachusetts Ave., 225-2525

You don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy Joanne Chang’s treats at Flour, but her low-fat vegan chocolate cake is one exceptional dessert.