SCOUT PICK: Food Truck Festival Goes Vegan for Kendall Square

food truck festival

In 2011, the founders of Food Truck Festivals of America were just trying to plan a party. Their marketing company, Aigner/Prensky Marketing, represented a community in Plymouth that wanted something different. This is back in 2011, and while that may seem like just a few short years ago, at the time, food trucks were hardly the ubiquitous culinary option that they are today.

“Anne Marie Aigner, my business partner … said, ‘You know, I’ve heard about these things called food trucks. I know they’re big in LA, and they’re making their way east,’” recalls Janet Prensky, spokesperson for Food Truck Festivals of America. They scoured New England, found eight food trucks and brought them to Plymouth. It was soon clear that they had struck gold: Instead of the expected 1,000 attendees, 4,000 people showed up, and Aigner and Prensky had a new business venture on their hands.

“Crazy Boomer broads in their 50s and 60s decide to start a new business … We’re supposed to be retiring!” laughs Prensky.

Since then, they’ve produced food truck festivals all over the country, from New England to New Mexico. Now, after four years, they’re trying something different: their first ever vegan food truck festival, which will take place in Kendall Square on September 12. Fifteen food trucks will be on deck to offer up vegan treats from Asian fusion to dairyless creamy treats. Some food trucks, like Bon Me, will change gears from their typical fare to provide vegan options. Others, such as Like No Udder, will be coming from an all vegan, all the time, point of view.

Prensky says the inspiration to go vegan this time around came from the outreach of Farm2Me, a delivery company whose mission is to connect people with locally produced foods.

Tickets are $5 for general admission. A $10 ticket gets you a Samuel Adams beer, and $20 gets you in for VIP hour: an early admission that grants you entry before the lines get long (and it includes a koozie from Food Truck Festivals of America, which on its own is kind of worth it). Prensky suggests getting tickets in advance to avoid getting stuck in line.


The Vegan Food Truck Festival
Where: Kendall Square 
at the junction of 3rd Street and Broad Canal Way.
When: Saturday, September 12th
What time: VIP Hour is 11am-12pm; General admission is 12pm-5pm
How much: VIP tickets are $20; General admission is $5; children under 12 are free