Scout Supporter of the Day: Maggie

Photos by Amanda Macchia.

Our Scout Supporter of the Day is Maggie!

Each year, Maggie’s brother gifts her a subscription to Scout Cambridge and Scout Somerville for her birthday.

“I love getting them in the mail! My roommates tease me about how enthusiastic I am about reading Scout,” she says.

Going on long walks has been a necessary part of her day during the stay-at-home-advisory. A highlight has been “noticing new to us houses, side streets, and hidden parks” with her boyfriend Pete.

“We’re both really fortunate to be working from home, him as an educator and myself as a PhD student trying to write a dissertation, but we’ve started to notice our moods are really dependent on whether or not we’ve gotten out of the house for a bit that day,” she adds. “I feel really lucky the weather is starting to get nice around here.”

She’s also gotten into baking bread and cooking up New York Times food columnist Alison Roman’s pasta recipes. When she’s not cooking, she’s ordering takeout from places like Shine Square Pub in Cambridge.

Thank you for your contributions to Scout and for participating in #TheFrontStepsProject, Maggie!

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