SCOUT OUT!: Yume Wo Katare launches CD

yumeCDKnown locally for its quick and simple ramen noodles, Yume Wo Katare will now offer something new on its menu: its own self-titled album. The seven-track EP will be released on May 19. Open its case and you’ll find that the disc itself is cleverly stylized as a bowl of the Japanese noodles, inspired by the restaurant’s only dish.

Just one in a string of restaurants opened by chef Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Yume Wo Katare literally means “tell your dreams,” and Nishioka offers just that. For $10, you can write your dream in a frame hung on the wall for one month, but for the slightly larger investment of $10,000, he’ll keep it on the wall for 10 years. He’ll even throw in a hug too – not bad for the price.

Produced by the Boston-based A2C Productions, the album is helmed by J-pop artist Rion Takada and doubles as his third studio release. He will take to the stage on its release day at Boston’s Japan Festival, an out-of-the-ordinary promotional opportunity for both the Japan-based singer and the restaurant. The album’s seven songs are each named after one of Nishioka’s restaurants, and the title track appears twice in both an English- and Japanese-language version.

With Yume Wo Katare, Nishioka’s own dream is to keep the restaurant open until 2030, and the release of this EP is his latest step in keeping his dream alive. Stop by 1923 Mass Ave. soon for a hot bite and some cool tunes./p>–Jake Reed