Pssst, Mister—How About $200 For Your Vote?

SH2019 Drawing WinnerJeff Turner of Somerville had his name chosen to win $200 for voting in Scout's Honored 2019.

Jeff Turner’s name was drawn from our 2019 Scout’s Honored voters in Cambridge and Somerville and he is the winner of our voting prize of $200! Jeff and his wife live on Lexington Avenue just outside of Davis Square in Somerville. 

“What I love most about Somerville is its transformation into a vibrant, growing, fun community,” he says.

His favorite local businesses include McKinnon’s Meat Market, your 2019 Best Butcher honoree.

“We grill almost every night during the summer,” says Jeff, “and they have excellent meat, lots of variety, delicious marinades, and terrific prices.”

As the owners of two cats and two dogs, another of their favorite spots is 2019 Best Veterinarian honoree Porter Square Veterinarian.

“A huge callout to Dr. Parker and his team! My wife is very focused on getting them the right care and will not compromise,” he says. “We’ve had a few health scares over the years and the staff always comes through.”

And when they’re looking for something special to eat, they often go to Highland Kitchen, which took this year’s honors for Best America, Best Brunch, and Best Restaurant Not In A Square.

“We don’t mind waiting for a table on a busy weekend night because it’s so much fun to hang out at the bar,” says Jeff. “We’ve turned a lot of people on to their curry goat stew and it became a favorite dish for several of them.

A Somerville resident for a decade, Jeff remembers when the city’s image was less than polished, but he knows he’s in the right place.

“I grew up in Arlington back when Somerville was a place I really wouldn’t want to live in,” he says. “Now I’m proud to say to people I live here.”