SCOUT’S HONORED: Rebekah Brooks Jewelry

Photo by Alyssa Robb.

Best Jewelry
17 Brattle St., (617) 864-1639

When you consider Rebekah Brooks’s childhood, it’s not hard to understand how she became a jewelry designer.

“I was raised by hippies in the woods,” she says. “They’re both artists, my parents are sculptors. I went to art school, I blew glass for a while, but I actually have been making jewelry since I was four years old. I always made necklaces, and for a long time I would go to concerts and sell them in the parking lot or put things in my parents’ friends’ galleries.”

She started Rebekah Brooks Jewelry 22 years ago, and now the shop has locations on Brattle Street, in Boston, and in Northampton.

Brooks calls her store an “old-fashioned jewelry company.” All the jewelry is handmade at the Northampton store, and the shops offer antique jewelry and restoration and repairing.

Rebekah Brooks Jewelry falls into a classical style, reflective of Brooks’s belief that jewelry is timeless, something that can be shared through generations and that “transcends fashion and trends.”

“Someday we won’t have our same car, or our same house, or the clothes that we’re wearing, but we will have the ring that we wore, the necklace that was passed down,” Brooks says. “I really believe that jewelry that was worn by your grandmother, that was passed down, everything ties back to the spiritual nature of jewelry.”

This story originally appeared in the 2018 Scout’s Honored issue of Scout Cambridge, which is available for free at more than 200 locations throughout the city or by subscription.

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