SCOUT’S HONORED: The Best Physical Therapist of 2018

SpauldingAnna Schroepfer Kandoyan (left) works with a patient. Photo by Claire Ellis.

Best Physical Therapist: Anna Schroepfer Kandoyan

Spaulding Hospital Cambridge
1575 Cambridge St., (617) 876-4344

What makes a good physical therapist? To Anna Schroepfer Kandoyan, it’s about more than good clinical knowledge and skills—it’s about an eagerness to work with patients, being a good listener, and asking the right questions.

Working with people was one of the main reasons that Kandoyan wanted to become a physical therapist. Physical therapy combined her interest in healthcare with that opportunity to develop relationships with patients.

She started off with in-patient rehabilitation 23 years ago, focusing on helping people with neurological issues. She’s now been at Spaulding for 13 years, where she enjoys the opportunity to work with people with both neurological and orthopedic problems.

One of the reasons she’s chosen to stay at Spaulding for more than half of her career is because it offers her the chance to spend significant time with patients.

“One of the things that we try to preserve is some longer treatment times,” she says. “Healthcare is doing everything faster and quicker, but there are certain things that you can’t rush, or certain things you can’t fit into exact recipes for every person.”

Kandoyan and her co-workers also try to emphasize patient education, which she views as crucial to good care.

“No matter what we do here, even if we’re doing hands-on work, you always need to provide education, whether it be their home exercise program or what to do, what not to do, because that’s going to have a big impact on the carryover and what’s happening the other 23 hours a day, and the next day and the next day before they return again,” she says. “That’s really where progress happens.”

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