Lamplighter Aglow With the Love of Beer

Lamplighter Brewing Co.You chose Lamplighter Brewing Co. as your Scout's Honored best brewery. Photo by Sasha Pedro.

Your Scout’s Honored 2019 winner for Best Brewery is Lamplighter Brewing Co.

After eight or nine years of homebrewing, Lamplighter Brewing Co. co-founders Cayla Marvil and AC Jones decided that Cambridge could use more than one brewery. It took another three years to open the doors at their location, which used to be the auto repair shop Metric System, and Lamplighter has continued to grow and be a place for beers, coldbrews, and Cambridge community since it opened in 2016.

The name Lamplighter is a tribute to the gas lamps around downtown Cambridge, as well as the origin of many catchphrases (“We love Lamp”). Their beer selection, which is all made in-house, is constantly changing as they rotate and develop new flavors.

“For us, we want to rotate everything, to always have something new in the taproom that goes out to distribution as well,” Marvil says. “We want to match Cambridge in a sense and be really fun and different and innovative and diverse.”

The beers—which are developed by Lamplighter brewmaster Tyler Fitzpatrick—include IPAs, fruited sours, and seasonal specials. There’s no guarantee that a beer will stick around between your visits to Lamplighter Brewing Co., but some favorites, like Rabbit Rabbit and Birds of a Feather, make frequent appearances.

“We look at the market and what consumers want to drink and what’s popular, so that of course ties into IPAs, which is a huge chunk of our menu,” Marvil says, “but then also what we want to be drinking and what’s going to round out our tap list, and do we always have something for everybody on that list, ranging all the way from lager to bourbon barrel aged stout.”

And Cambridge seems to have embraced this approach. Within their first two years, Lamplighter added a second back taproom in a space that was originally set aside for production, to accommodate the crowds. They distribute to 250 liquor stores and 30 bars and restaurants in the area. On an average week, Lamplighter invites local businesses or entrepreneurs into their kitchen and taproom for pop-ups; they might host five of these pop-ups in a week.

As Lamplighter Brewing Co. approaches the third anniversary of their Broadway location, Marvil says that they hope to increase the ways that Lamplighter gives back to the community. Beginning September, every month Lamplighter will feature one beer themed around a nonprofit organization or cause. For each beer purchased, one dollar will be donated to that organization.

“As we’re maturing as a company, we’re trying to do more and more to give back and be an integral part of the community through donations and outreach,” Marvil says.

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