‘Shogun Assassin’ with RZA at Brattle Virtual Screening Room this Sunday

brattle theatreJonesin' for some new indie films? Check out Brattle Theatre's virtual screening room.

Spring is in full swing, the sun is warm and everything is beautiful. And we just want to sit in a dark room looking at a big screen. It’s Memorial Day weekend and the start of the summer movie season. Or it would be the start of the summer movie season if we weren’t in the middle of the worst Groundhog Day reboot imaginable.

The silver-lining of course is that our buddies at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Sq are programming some excellent films in their virtual screening room. The screenings raise money for non-profit theater while breaking up the monotony of corporate streaming algorithms.

Shogun Assassin

This weekend they are screening all-time classic samurai film ‘Shogun Assassin’ with live commentary from hip hop legend RZA. RZA sampled it for The GZA’s rap masterpiece Liquid Swords, searing Shogun‘s dialogue into a an entire generation of grey matter.

RZA has been at the forefront of streaming entertainment during this pandemic, so expect some fire commentary.

Shogun Assasin screens at 9:15 p.m. on Sunday, May 24. Pre-order tickets at brattlefilm.org/shogun